What if I have bad credit or no credit at all? KENS CARS FAQ’S

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October 1, 2020
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What if I have bad credit or no credit at all? KENS CARS FAQ’S

Answer: No need to worry! We do not check credit.


What if I have no credit history?

When you have no credit history, it means that you do not have anything on your credit report at all. You have not borrowed money in the past. At Ken’s Cars we know It’s harder to move your score up to the good range when you start with NO credit. We understand that in today’s world, a good vehicle is a lifeline to success and we want to help!

What if my credit score is BAD?

With a bad credit score and a score of lower than 620, you will find: You are getting denied for credit and loan applications. The lenders are looking at you as high risk and will not extend credit to you with a poor credit score. At Ken’s Cars we understand that so many businesses now judge you based on your credit score and having a simple error or bad call can cause bad credit and make it extremely difficult​ to buy a good car.


Finding an error on your credit report isn’t uncommon KENS CARS BURLINGTON NC looks past that!
At Ken’s Cars it is our constant goal to make reliable transportation more accessible to hard-working individuals and their families. Nothing makes us happier than helping good people and good vehicles find their match.

We finance! We provide our own “Buy Here, Pay Here” on-lot financing. (Cash or outside financing options are also supported).

We sell good vehicles! Call us today!

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Customer Reviews

Ken\'s Cars

Customer Reviews

Ron Anderson 2017

I've bought two cars from Ken's Cars. Thankfully, both turned about to be good and reliable. What sets Ken's Cars apart from most dealerships is their staff. The office lady is kind and helpful -NOT pushy like you'll find elsewhere. And when it came time for the paperwork, she was quick and efficient. In addition to the wonderful office staff, they have mechanics and garage help. It really seems they're doing all they can to sell you a clean, reliable car.

Castro 2019

The best people I've ever worked with. They're very gracious and understanding, they remember their customers, and they do everything they can to help. If you truly need a car, please go see them. They are great people, and they set an example of how car buying should be.

Charles Fuquay 2019

Ken and his staff willing to go the extra mile; to help with buying and payments with all his cars; thank you good people; i Charles Fuquay will be back to buy another. 👑👑👑👍👍👍🎅🎅😎😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

Sherrie Paylor 2019

My family was really in need of transportation they were a great help we are so grateful and happy with our selection thanks Kens cars ❤️❤️

Neneka G 2019

I brought a van 7 years ago and my van still running great .Ken offers best service and reliable transportation. . I'm definitely trying to buy another vehicle and referring other to check out his car lot. Thanks Ken.